Education is not a problem, it’s an opportunity!
We started Effect, believing that education can be a powerful tool, which we can use to solve the most important issues of our society, one by one, starting with Youth Unemployment.
Our mission is to make young people more employable and help them enter the job market.
That’s why we create programs and other solutions, like Success Academy, which give to young seniors and graduates, the opportunity to take on a real challenging project from companies, like Nestle Hellas, to work on the skills demanded in the job market and prove their value to employers.
What makes our programs unique
We bring employers into the process:
To make sure our participants develop the skills, that the market demands, we adjust the structure of our programs, according to the needs of our corporate partners
Less Theory. More Practice.:
We already know that young people prefer to learn by doing. That’s why, in our programs, we mainly use experiential methods, team assignments and interactive workshops, to help our participants learn more and gain useful practical experience.
Participation becomes “Experience”:
You are goint to try, fail, learn, meet incredible people, be inspired, inspire others, gain experience, feel like you’re becoming a better person every day. It’s not just participation, it’s an EXPERIENCE.
Our Story
Members of our team have help executive positions in AIESEC from 2013 to 2015. AIESEC is the largest youth-led organization. Through their roles, they worked on youth empowerment and connecting young people with the job market. Sotiris, was Chief Marketing Officer and creator of the successful conference “Open Mind” in the Athens University of Economics and Business. Marianthi directed Global Talent, one of the largest Global Internship Programs. Through these experiences, they discovered their passion for education and youth empowerment.
In March 2015, Sotiris visited Stanford University for a week and experienced how one of the best universities in the world works, and what the Greek Universities lacked. The participants of Success Academy, have the opportunity to gain knowledge and ideas directly from Stanford and the Stanford
In June 2015, Marianthi participated in a European educational program in Czech Republic and she experienced first hand the power of experiencial learning and its professional applications.
Marianthi and Sotiris participated in dozens of National and International Conferences on Entrepreneurship, Youth Empowerment and Personal Growth, like Social Impact Award Vision Summit in Vienna, WeGrow in Naples and Athens, the European Leadership Development Seminar in Bulgaria, etc. On the same time, they participated in conferences and summits, like “Open Mind” in AUEB, “Ready-Set-Go Global”, “Youth Today” and “Road2Success”.
In May 2015, Effect won the Social Impact Award 2015 in Greece, the largest Social Entrepreneurship Competition, organized by the Impact Hub Network. Part of the prize was a 6-month incubation in Impact Hub Athens, which gave our team the space, the network and the support to make Success Academy a reality.
In the creation of Success Academy, we had valuable help from our friends, Marina Iakovaki, Evi Koukorempa, Matilda Mitza and Nikos Katsiantonis, who had similar experiences in AIESEC, but also from UCL in London and Louvene in Belgium.
In November 2015 we ran the pilot round of Success Academy, which was sponsored by Nestle Hellas. Nestle immediately embraced the opportunity to actively help young people in Greece enter the job market.
To enrich the experience of our participants, we invited experienced trainers and company executives to co-create the educational content of Success Academy and deliver it in our trainings.
Our team is always on the lookout for new knowledge and ideas to make our programs better. We hold certifications in Coaching, Interview Preparation, CV creation, Design Thinking, and more.
Sotiris Baratsas
Sotiris is in charge of Effect’s strategy, new project creation, partnerships and marketing.
CEO & Co-Founder
Marianthi Nika
Marianthi is in charge of Success Academy, participants’ management and making sure we fulfill our purpose.
COO & Co-Founder
Fotis Floros
Fotis is in charge of our online projects and our technological progress, in terms of design and platform creation.
Full Stack Developer